Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TableBrain Launches iInteractive Product On GameLogic System

December 17, 2009: summarized from Casino Journal -- TableBrain’s Double Texas Hold’em has been released for play on GameLogic Inc.’s high-profile casino and lottery marketing platform, PlayAway. TableBrain entered a licensing relationship with GameLogic to ensure that on its initial release Double Texas Hold’em receives maximum nationwide exposure to highly targeted, highly rated casino and lottery players.

“Double Texas Hold’em offers numerous benefits over regular Texas Hold’em,” said Zvi Lando, co-developer of the game and TableBrain executive. “The game is great for players as it creates more playable hands, so it’s more fun. It’s intuitive and appeals to novices and experts alike. It’s good for the industry, as our play data shows that players play longer and pots get bigger, which is better for rake settings.”

Lando continued, “We’re excited about having the opportunity to leverage GameLogic’s extensive client network. This will expose our new and exciting ‘player versus player’ game to their many players.”

GameLogic has more than 20 different casino and lottery customers in more than 15 jurisdictions. Its PlayAway suite of online fun, bonus-delivery and tournament games engage players in a daily Internet-based relationship. Double Texas Hold’em will be available for release through a variety of GameLogic product offerings, including NewPlay.

“We are excited to work with creative companies like TableBrain to bring our clients and their players the very best in innovative and exciting games,” said John E. Taylor, Jr., the president and CEO of GameLogic. “Given the popularity of poker, we are quite focused on how the game integrates with our long term product strategy. Offering innovative variations such as Double Texas Hold’em, provides regulated casino operators value in multiple ways; keeping players engaged when they are off-property, providing ample opportunities to market to them as they play on-line, and establishing critical behavior that positions the operator for an evolving regulatory environment.”

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