Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's Next For The Net

February 9, 2009: from Boston.com -- Investors and entrepreneurs gathered in Manhattan last week to read the tech tea leaves at the annual OnMedia NYC conference. Among them was Jeffrey Bussgang, a partner at Boston-based Flybridge Capital Partners, who served up a few memorable comments and data points.

*Mobile advertising: panelists laid out the case for why the iPhone was transformational for mobile advertising and that early trials suggest mobile advertising actually works. That said, they were realistic about the slow growth ahead as mobile works its way into the marketing mix, particularly as a component in cross-platform campaigns.

*Online advertising: Jeff Lanctot, chief strategy officer at Razorfish, predicted flat spending, lower CPMs, and argued that the "print dollars turning into digital pennies" simply was not working for publishers. Perhaps massive publisher consolidation will rebalance supply and demand, but unlikely.

*Smartphone: this panel was simply an hour-long raving love fest for the iPhone. Favorite iPhone apps mentioned ranged from the sublime (Amazon, Pandora) to the ridiculous ( iThrow). Eric Litman, CEO of Medialets, amusingly pointed out that there are 20 million Windows Mobile devices, but application discovery is such an awful experience that the download rates are a fraction of the iPhones.

*VC outlook: Jonathan Miller (Velocity, ex-CEO AOL), Woody Benson (Prism) and I did a panel on the VC outlook. We tried to provide a balanced view - I think we were all relatively balanced as short-term bears, but long-term bulls. As Woody pointed out, "You can't do what I do unless you're an optimist. Otherwise, you'd jump out the window!" seeingbothsides.com

Full story at: http://tinyurl.com/bgbyqj

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