Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TEXT SELLS: Rio Rolls Out Mobile Marketing Campaign

February 14: from Las Vegas Review Journal -- The Rio is testing an opt-in mobile marketing campaign that sends customers text message alerts for real-time promotions to their cell phone during their stay at the hotel-casino.

Here is how it works: Visitors to the Rio text message the word "Rio" to a phone number posted throughout the property. The customer will then receive no more than 12 text messages during the next four days, the average length of a visitor's stay. The customer also can send "stop" to the same number to halt the flow of messages. The messages alert the customer to special deals, usually drink, food or show tickets at a discount. The offers sent out this week included a free dessert with an entrée purchase at a restaurant, two-for-one premium drinks at a bar and $5 off the price of the buffet.

The company follows the regulatory guidelines set by the Mobile Marketing Association. Those rules regulate how many messages can be sent in a day, the ability of customers to opt into and out of the program, and even the length of the message sent.

Others are using similar technology. The Las Vegas Review-Journal offers a service available on its Web site that offers casino discounts, specials at local bars and pubs, and sports promotions. Studio 54 at MGM Grand and the N9NE Group, which runs the Palms nightclubs, have been using mobile marketing in the competitive Las Vegas club scene.

Full story at: http://tinyurl.com/bwavxo

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