Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Will Casinos Adapt?

CM comment: An interesting analogy is the music publishing industry. Today this industry is in turmoil because the traditional players simply stood aside while digital media took over. Numerous other indsutries have proactively embraced the web and their business are thriving as a direct result. What about the casino industry? Will U.S. casinos learn how to create and leverage digital relattionships with their patrons before online gambling takes hold?

Future of Worldwide Online Gambling
January 31, 2009: from Online Casino Sphere -- Online casinos are much better able to market their products and services to their players. Once registered with an online casino, marketing managers can remain in constant contact with players via email, allowing a closer relationship with the players. Brick and mortar players tend to play anonymously and the casinos can rarely send offers to bring them back consistently. In today's digital age, a customer's email address remains the 'holy-grail' for marketing specialists.

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