Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barona Testing Mobile Marketing Campaign

January 27, 2009: from Casino Journal -- Imagine a person scanning a barcode that is displayed on your mobile phone - a barcode that could unlock restaurant specials, food and beverage deals, even cash offers. Working toward this goal, Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino has launched a pilot test of its innovative mobile marketing campaign, which utilizes 2-D barcode text messages that can be scanned to provide special offers and information to its players.

"As one of the first organizations in the country to utilize this technology, our goal is to create a mobile marketing program that will provide convenient services to our players with added benefits," said Troy Simpson, Barona's senior vice president of innovation. "Since the barcodes are sent to players that opt to receive them directly on their mobile phones, they are easily stored and scanned - making this program ideally suited for players who are moving throughout the resort and casino."

The program is being tested by approximately 360 opt-in Club Barona Diamond-level players. Each player received a text message with a special restaurant offer. Players with Web-enabled mobile phones are able to view a 2-D barcode from a Web link within their text message. Once at the restaurant, this barcode comp can be redeemed tableside by a server, using a handheld 2-D barcode scanner. Players without mobile Web capabilities can still redeem the offer via individual redemption codes provided within the body of the text message.

Full story at: http://tinyurl.com/ddgpmr

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