Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010 Annual Game Survey

Newly released survey revealing that online versions of First-Person Shooter Games have dropped in popularity, while traditional Board and Puzzle Games continue to remain strong. The survey revealed some interesting findings, confirming some of what you may believe and likely breaking down misconceptions about gamers. Among the highlights of the 2010 survey, Blockdot found:

- Most dramatic shift in gaming preferences since 2008: First-Person Shooter Games, once very strong with males, are now losing appeal. 20% decline in positive intent to play and 70% increase in negative intent.

- Puzzle Games remain extremely popular with female players. Action-Puzzle Games is a growing genre for both males and females.

- Traditional Board Games remain one of the most popular gaming genres, with 88% of females and 80% of males indicating a positive intent to play these games

- Most desired new trend of games is the ability to earn trophies and achievements.

- 49% of participants have a webcam, but only 17% use it.

- Very few participants have used their webcam for Augmented Reality games — while a quarter of participants don’t know what Augmented Reality is.

- Despite the growing attention focused on multi-player games, most people still prefer single-player game play.

Download report from: http://scr.bi/dqyQif

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