Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Executives Outline Future of Server-Based Gaming

May 26, 2010: summarized from Las Vegas Sun -- Server-based gaming has been the most talked about technology among gaming manufacturers in recent years, but the technology will be a gradual change for both customers and operators, slot tech executives said Tuesday at the Gaming Tech Summit at Green Valley Ranch.

Server-based gaming allows casinos to have slots connected through a network. It lets operators change themes, promotions, the amount that can be wagered and the hold at a touch of a few keystrokes.

CityCenter’s Aria paved the way for deploying server-based gaming in newly built casinos. Almost half of the Aria casino floor is server-based, totaling about 900 games from manufacturers International Game Technology and WMS Gaming. The floor will have 100 percent server-based gaming by the summer as more manufacturers receive regulatory approval on their games.

While executives say Aria represents the future of server-based gaming, it isn’t realistic for all operators. Wiring an existing casino floor to accommodate the technology is an expensive proposition for casinos hard-pressed for cash in today’s economy.

“It comes down to us being flexible manufacturers. Let’s build it on your terms,” said Mark Pace, WMS vice president of network gaming.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/93rJM2


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