Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Research Report: Think Entertainment - Social Gaming

CM Comment: A good report on where Internet/social media is heading.

- Daily Active Users (DAU) for the top 10 social gaming companies has increased more than 5X over the last six months, driven by the viral nature of these games, aggressive marketing campaigns by a few gaming companies, and emergence of a few new genres of games, most notably Farm and Aquarium games.

- The popularity of gaming on social networks is evident from the fact that 20
of the top 25 applications on Facebook are games compared with 16 of the
top 50 applications six months ago.

- There is a clear pick up in indirect pay, i.e., users paying for the virtual
currency by opting for advertisers' offers (lead generation for marketers suchas Netflix, Blockbuster, etc.) or taking online surveys.

Social Gaming

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