Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Video: Twitter In Plain English

CM Comment: Trying to figure out this twitter, micro-blogging thing? Watch this video from the very popular In Plain English series.

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  1. Two suggestions... First, I assumed you were on Twitter and I am now following http://twitter.com/CasinoMarketeer. You really need to get a "follow us on twitter widget" over in your sidebar so people can follow you easily and not go hunting for you.

    Second, you've got a choice. You can move your blog now or later to WP. It's going to be a LOT less painful if you do it now before you've got a billion pages using Blogger and realize YOU DON'T HAVE "ABSOLUTE CONTROL" over your content. Blogger is the "AOL" of blogging. Your talent and potential will soon start to chafe. WP will set you free.

    Best of Luck,